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Responsible Tourism

In CartadeViajes we believe it is everyone's responsibility to preserve the environment in which we live and leave a legacy to future generations in the best possible conditions. Since the tourism sector played a key role in this task and we have a unique position as intermediaries and tourist information.

Therefore, in CartadeViajes we want to do the responsible tourism our flag. Not worth risking damage to a singular animal, such as a whale or a giant turtle for hiring the wrong company. Our existence as travel agencies is tied to the preservation of wildlife.

FAADA and the animal protection

In CartadeViajes we have joined FAADA, Foundation for advice and action in defense of animals, with the commitment to develop responsible tourism with the local wildlife.


• We recognize the concept of animal sentience that was written into the basic law of the European Union by the legally-binding Protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, and that recognizes that animals are “sentient beings”, capable of feelings and suffering.

• We recognize that certain tourist activities are harmful to animals. In the long-term interest of protecting nature and our industry, we are committed to prevent and reduce the negative impact that tourism has on animals.

• As operators, we believe we can be important contributors to the development of responsible tourism for animals. We will endeavor to prevent abuse of animals in all the activities we propose. We will work towards integrating these considerations into our operations and activities.

• We recognize that tourism can contribute to the viability of projects of genuine protection and conservation of animals. We commit to develop, operate and market only those activities that, if involving animals, provide a positive contribution to animal protection and conservation of species, and the environment.


• We thoroughly evaluate activities involving animals before promoting them and follow up on them accordingly.

• Before considering any activity involving animals, we evaluate if their living conditions meet the 'Five Freedoms' established by the World Organization for Animal Health (2004) and referring to the need to provide all animals with: an appropriate environment, an adequate diet, opportunities to behave normally, protection from fear and distress, protection from pain, injury and disease.

• Even though an activity might be legal with the required permits, if an activity involves - or is suspected to involve- animal abuse or exploitation of wildlife, we will dispense of their services.

• In response to the impossibility to keep and train elephants and dolphins in captivity in an ethical manner, we will refrain from organizing elephant rides and swimming with dolphins in captivity.

• When in doubt about possible negative effects on animals of an activity we are considering to promote, we will contact with local and international protection organizations to inform us about the viability of the activity.

• We will inform our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors about our policy, and will encourage them to improve their contribution to the protection of animals cooperating with them wherever possible to adapt or modify their activities.

• We will promote the cooperation with national and local authorities, and any other concerned stakeholder, to develop and implement measures for tourism respectful of animals.

• Within twelve calendar months of signing this commitment, we will introduce these principles into our policy of corporate social responsibility and define measurable goals.

• We support the principles of the Foundation FAADA as described in this document and will strive to work with them in drawing up our guidelines.

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